We recently released a new feature called Tags which you can read all about here.


It turns out Tags are popular. Really popular.


Since the release of Tags many people have asked if we could extend the Tags functionality into Tasks.


This would mean you could add one or more Tags to a Task, on the timeline you could view which Tags a Task has, you could filter by Tags in the Tasks window or you could even filter by Tags in reports on Tasks.

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You asked, we listened.


Enjoy the new feature and check out a quick demo here:



Watch DemoInstall AppsForOps Timeline


About AppsForOps Timeline


AppsForOps Timeline is a game changing Customer Success software platform.


Customer Success - powered by being in the know.


It provides next level visibility on customer activity spanning your organisation's people, processes and systems.


It allows you to easily see the whole picture and act on what matters most.


View a timeline of all customer activity right in your inbox.


Activity could include emails, calls, tasks, notes and data flowing in from any of your existing systems: your sales, marketing, customer support systems and more.


It's never been easier to see everything you may need on a customer to make the right decisions and act on as needed.


Watch DemoInstall AppsForOps Timeline