Quick Actions allow you to make certain tasks easier and faster.

An example:

  • You use the AppsForOps Mobile App to capture all your Expense Claim items
  • You often capture receipts for Taxis
  • Instead of having to fill in the Payee, Expense Claim Category and Expense Description each time, you simply click the Quick Action you created for Taxi and this populates all the fields for you
  • You can create as many Quick Actions as you like

Here is what Quick Actions look like:

  1. Any Quick Actions you have will display in the Quick Action menu
  2. To create a new Quick Action fill in the details for your Expense Claim
  3. Flick the switch to save the Quick Action and give the Quick Action a name and Submit it
  4. Next time you come into the Expense Claim, expand the Quick Action menu and you will see any Quick Actions you may have
  5. Click the Quick Action button and the Payee, Expense Claim Category and Expense Description will be filled in for you


Please note: Quick Actions are only available from version 1.1.3 of the AppsForOps Mobile App.

Download the latest version of the AppsForOps Mobile app now:

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