We have just added the below 4 great new features to the AppsForOps Mobile App.

What does this mean for you?

By opening My Calendar you can get a full view on who is in and out the office or what events are happening in your company.

You can use My Processes to get full visibility into where any of your processes currently are in the process and who they are with.

There is no need for you to store any more Receipts and you can snap Receipts for any company funds that you may spend straight from your mobile device.

If you receive a Bill that needs to be paid, snap that too and submit it digitally to the accounts payable queue for payment.

Finally, you can now log your time straight from your mobile device using the Timesheet app.

You can download the latest version of the AppsForOps Mobile App here.

Additional Information

My Calendar

My Calendar is home to a variety of calendars including My or Public Calendar Entries, My or Public Important Dates, Available or Registered Events, Public Holidays, Time Off and Task+ information.

My Processes

My Processes displays the Active/Completed tasks that you have been involved with. You can filter by week, month or year for active and completed tasks.

Receipt & Bill

Receipt & Bill allows employees to capture, submit and store receipts and bills for any purchases that are made using company funds. Also known as accounts payable.


Timesheet allows any employee to digitally submit, track and get approval for any of their timesheets. It allows for customisable levels of approval, timesheet reminders and more.

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